Welcome to the ICA Student Learning Resources


Our Vision at the ICA in broad terms is to strive for gastronomic perfection and the achievement of the highest possible standards of culinary training. We are guided continually toward achieving a goal that meets worldwide industry standards in providing relevant, hands-on, intensive, fast-tracked, essential culinary and hospitality training regardless of your programme choice, with the focus on professional teaching and administration practices. The ICA develops the Institute to international business standards.

Training Mission

To cultivate world-class chefs who breathe inspiration and innovation into the culinary world.   Students are trained to challenge conformity by pushing boundaries, bringing with them excitement and a fresh approach to the world of food.

To provide training to world-class culinary arts graduates and practicing professional chefs and food lovers with continued culinary arts education.



ICA Three Year Diploma:

Advanced Culinary Arts, Advanced Pâtisserie & Specialist Culinary Field

DURATION: Full-Time 3 Years

If you dream of making your mark in the broader culinary world, look no further than the three-year ICA Diploma. ICA’s flagship three year programme equips students with comprehensive ICA credentials, encompassing full chefs qualifications and advanced pâtisserie accreditation.

Optional International qualification further expands your education through invaluable trade-related subjects such as Supplier Relations & Manageability and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality.  The ICA is the only culinary institution offering additional career options within the hospitality industry, with a choice of 3 specialization fields in the final year of study.

Employment opportunities are both extensive and inspiring, with career paths leading to product development for global companies like Woolworths, food stylists, writers and editors for high-end SA publications, occupations in the thrilling world of television as well as sommeliers in top South African restaurants and international Michelin-starred establishments.

ICA Two Year Diploma:

Culinary Arts & Advanced Pâtisserie

DURATION: Full-Time 2 Years

This highly specialized course provides students with the essential theory and practical training in the ever-evolving world of fine pâtisserie.  The course includes an International diploma and invaluable practical training with industry partners who are at the forefront of this unique culinary field.  This is a course for the individual with patience, precision and absolute perseverance.